Menno Aden


Open Source - an Installation by Menno Aden

The Berlin-based artist Menno Aden specialises in the representation of spaces and perspectives. People almost never appear in his photographic work, which instead often focuses on what people have left behind. By depicting man-made order systems as well as their disorder, Aden's work is also an indirect portrait of humans.

For Berlin-Weekly, Aden shows an installation with a Berlin 'Spätkauf' (a 24/7 corner-shop) from a birds eye perspective. As if the ceiling was removed one can look into a box crammed with consumer goods. Aden literally turns the Berlin institution 'Späti' on it's head, and leaves the visitor irritated - not least because of the untypical opening of a 'Späti' in the gentrified posh Linienstraße.


Berlin-Weekly Gallery, Linienstraße 160, 10115 Berlin

Image: Untitled (Cornershop III), 2017, 290 x 345 cm